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Megha Kapoor

" My art is a declaration of my deep connection with Nature, with light, with God."


Megha Kapoor is the Vice president of Watercolor society of India (WSI). She is the Vice President of International Watercolour Society India(IWS-INDIA). She is also the editor of International Watercolor society Magazine.


She has Participated in more than 100 Art exhibitions in India and Abroad and has been invited at various prestigious Art festivals. Her works are being covered by various prestigious magazines such as Art of watercolour etc.


She experimented in various mediums but watercolor remained her favourite. Explaining, why she has chosen transparent watercolor as her favourite medium she says, she loves the spontaneity and the flow of the medium. Inspired by the Impressionist, her works are also in Impressionist style with lots of colors in her palette. Now a days she is studying and experimenting with nature in her studio or studying plein-air nature.


In 2007 she started working as an Art Instructor at Anitoons the School of Art and Animation and She is now the Head of the B.F.A Department at Anitoons.

In addition to conducting classes at Anitoons the School of Art, she conducts lectures and workshops in watercolors, traveling around the world at the invitation of institutions supporting fine arts.

Brand Ambassador

for Mijello colours and Art Essentials Artist Brushes

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